Welcome to the Future

The Story

Neon City is a sprawling cyber-punk metropolis built on top of historic San Francisco.  Corporate skyscrapers tower above the dangerous city streets below.
Tribes of outlaw street racers wage a war for territory and resources. Armored hover cars, powered by illegal fuel burning race engines and high caliber guns, are the outlaw’s weapons of choice in their fight against their corporate overlords and the mad AI they serve.
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The Game

Stay one step ahead of the competition in this multiplayer, third person, driving and shooting game.


In Neon City you’re only as good as your reputation. Take jobs to build your standing with rival factions. Make your way from a scrappy street racer to the top of the corporate ladder and become the CEO of a MegaCorp.


Upgrades in Neon City are the keys to success for this open world game. Customize your car, design your hideout, augment your body with cybernetic implants, and upgrade your weapons.


Neon City is a dangerous place and you won’t stand a chance on your own. Recruit up to five of your friends to join your crew and rule the streets.


Collect limited edition NFT items that you can show off in the game of trade on our secure marketplace without gas fees or long wait times.